Kretz food & feed

Kretz food & feed AG, formerly Aurora Cerealien AG, is a family business based in Gümligen near Bern.

Since 1998, when the firm Aurora Cerealien AG was founded, we trade in ecologically grown commodities and products. It is our aim to guarantee a fair and transparent service throughout the entire supply chain. 

In the year 2014 the firm Aurora Cerealien AG was renamed Kretz food & feed AG because of trademark claims made by a German firm.

As Kretz food & feed AG regularly visits the growers and places of production and knows the suppliers personally, an optimal quality of the goods can be assured.

In order to work together with partners on this optimisation, on the 6th of February 2014 the Firma Aurora food & feed AG was founded. This firm has the aim to maintain, by partnership, the personal contact with the producer and to test the goods after the harvest. Furthermore, the business is audited on-site regarding the availability of the products, the social standards, hygiene and much more. For more information please click here (link: philosophy).

The gained experience of the owner Peter Kretz since 1962 has been passed on to the next generation, Petra Kretz and Toni Kretz, since 2011. 

We thank you for your interest and for your confidence.

The team of Kretz food & feed AG