On the Belchen – a Celtic site in Switzerland – arose in the year 1997 the idea to establish a trading company for the supply of the German mill „St. Hippolyt“.

Various legal clarifications then lead on the 2nd of March 1998 to the foundation of Aurora (Roman goddess of aurora) Cerealien AG based in Gümligen near Bern.

Together with the co-founder, Aurora Cerealien AG defined possible strategies and philosophies. The solution was found in a 4-pillar-concept in which Aurora Cerealien AG took on the purchasing, the import, the certification as well as the border formalities. Tasks of the partner firm were the sale and the distribution of the produced products. A further pillar defined the production and with the help of the administration the amount of work could be reduced many times over.

Shortly after the foundation Aurora Cerealien AG was given the possibility to establish the supply of a well-known mill in Switzerland.

For Peter Kretz, who has been engaged since the 1980ies with all things organic and has thereby acquired an extensive know-how, the decision to work predominantly in the ecological sector was obvious.

On the 12th of March 2001 Aurora Cerealien AG separated from its co-founder from Germany, because the aim regarding the mill’s supply did not bring the desired success because of fiscal and bilateral reasons.

But in the meantime Aurora Cerealien AG had developed into an established retailer in the organic sector, so that it could continue as a single firm.

In the year 2002 a firm under the name of Aurora Bioservice GmbH was founded, in order to help Aurora Cerealien AG with cultivation and sale and to distribute the products, which were not used in Switzerland, in the EU.

In the meantime the sector food at Aurora Cerealien AG had developed strongly.

In the year 2011 Petra Kretz and Toni Kretz (trader & feed engineer) showed a keen interest in continuing the tasks of Aurora Cerealien AG and began working in the firm, provided with joint power of representation.

Because of trademark claims made by a German competitor Aurora Bioservice GmbH got into severe difficulties in the year 2012.

Thus Aurora Cerealien AG was prompted to try out new avenues in order to avoid getting into the same difficulties. 

On the 13th of August 2014 Aurora Cerealien AG was therefore renamed into Kretz food & feed AG in order to continue trading with the certified consumer goods and commodities. Here (link – philosophy) you can learn more about the philosophy of Kretz food & feed AG.

As we did not wish to completely abandon the renowned and successful name ‚Aurora‘, it was decided to found a new firm named Aurora food & feed AG. Aurora food & feed AG serves as a service provider in the areas approval, certifications, transparency, audits as well as sustainable and social cultivation.

The products and commodities with which we trade were already registered in the trademark register in July 2014.